New Volkswagen

Striking, sporty exterior
The Polo is unmistakably stylish
Panoramic sunroof
Open for even more experiences
More room for comfort
Inside, enjoy ambient lighting and new decorative trims

New Volkswagen
New Volkswagen

Active info display

A driver display, just the way you want it

Would you prefer just to see the speed and mileage display when you’re driving? Or maybe you’d like other journey-related data? Or the map of your route? Or the title of the track you’re listening to right now? Or even lots of these options at the same time?
The decision is up to you: with the multi-function steering wheel, you can configure the high-resolution display yourself. So that it’s exactly the way you want it.

  • 26 cm (10.25 inch) TFT colour display
  • Countless configurations possible – three of which can be saved as favourites 
New Volkswagen

Seat comfort

Our seats: Gentle on the back and easy on the eye

A long journey in the Polo is almost more comfortable than an evening on the sofa thanks to its standard ergonomic seats. The lumbar support are standard from the Comfortline and ensure an even higher level of comfort and extra support for your back. It relieves strain from your back, especially when your muscles can’t take any more on long journeys. The only drawback? You can’t transport it to your sofa once your journey has finished.

New Volkswagen


A pleasant climate for everyone

Is your fellow passenger complaining about being too warm? And you’re feeling too chilly? Or maybe it’s the other way round? With the two-zone temperature control, you can adjust the temperatures for the driver and passenger sides separately. And the Climatronic system can do even more than that: the slower your speed, the quieter the fans. If you operate the windscreen cleaner or engage reverse gear, it automatically switches to air recirculation mode to keep any smells outside. In short: the climate is perfect on every journey in the Polo.

New Volkswagen

Keyless Access

Open up Polo

No more routing around in your trousers, handbag or jacket pocket on the hunt for you car keys: As long as you have it with you and you are no more than 1.5 metres away from your Polo, you can unlock the doors and boot lid automatically, as if by magic. You also don’t need a key to start the engine. All it takes is the touch of a button. And if Keyless Access isn’t working, then it just means that your key isn’t in your pocket. Perhaps it’s on the kitchen table?

New Volkswagen


Consume less but get more

Economical and powerful: the cutting-edge engines in the Polo are designed for anyone who loves to drive and is always on the road. And anyone who hates to spend lots of money on fuel. So now all that’s left to decide is which engine you want?
New Volkswagen

Start-stop system with brake energy recuperation

Slow down on the spending

The start-stop system saves fuel by switching off the engine when the vehicle is stationary. Like when it’s at a red traffic light. All you have to do is take your foot off the clutch. When the lights go green, just engage the clutch again and the engine will start back up. Just as simple and efficient: brake energy recuperation. This function uses an alternator to generate energy when you apply the brake or coast. This energy is then stored in the battery.