The Passat Estate

Luggage compartment concept

The Passat Estate is future proof.

Advanced Matrix LED Headlamps

Dynamic look. Without dazzling.
Optional Panoramic Sunroof
Put the heavens into perspective.

New Volkswagen
New Volkswagen


Loyal to its lineage: the Passat Estate

The design of the Passat Estate is unmistakable, combining the Passat’s typical multi-functionality with sporty lines. The striking radiator grille and the signature lights of the headlights lend it a distinctively confident look.
The LED headlights or optional matrix LED headlights and the re-designed LED tail light clusters provide stylish finishing touches to the poised appearance, together with an appealing range of wheels.
In short, the Passat Estate impresses from every angle.


New Volkswagen


Looking good: the wheel range

The combination of tyres and wheels that will make your Passat Estate look best is a purely a matter of taste. But we’re sure you’ll make the right choice.


New Volkswagen


Take a seat. Enjoy the space.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Passat? Lots of space and lots of comfort. Nothing has changed here in the Passat Estate. Its interior underscores its premium character and you can see that it is spacious and luxurious right from the first glance.
High-quality decorative touches on the dash panel and doors further accentuate the refined look of the interior.
The spacious feel also extends to the comfortable seats with individually adjustable head restraints and the generous leg room. Welcome aboard.

New Volkswagen

Ambient lighting

From cool to cosy. Lighting creates moods. You decide which.

See every journey in a new light: set an individual lighting mood in the interior with the optional ambient lighting. You can create the perfect atmosphere for almost any mood – in three versions with up to 10 or 30 colours. From dimmed to radiant brightness, you can control the illuminated decorative trims easily using the display of your radio or navigation system. The ambient lighting PLUS system also provides an additional band of light in the front of the dash panel.

New Volkswagen

Advanced Matrix LED headlights

A dynamic look. Without the dazzle.

Thanks to the dynamic main-beam control, the optional Advanced Matrix LED Headlamps shine without dazzling others. 1 Depending on the driving situation, individual LED segments are selectively switched on or off for light distribution.
Whether you are driving in the city in the day, on country roads in the evening or on the motorway in bad weather, your Advanced Matrix LED Headlamps will adapt. This not only makes driving easier for you, but also helps those driving in front of you or approaching on the other side of the road.
1 within the system’s limitations
New Volkswagen

Dynamic cornering light

When you turn a corner your lights lead the way

The dynamic cornering light1 ensures better visibility. It uses predictive control to light up the bend before you actually turn1. You can therefore see better on windy roads – and be seen better too1. Truly enlightened technology.
1 Within the system’s limitations.
New Volkswagen

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Keeps a distance. And to speed limits.

ACC adaptive cruise control prevents you from exceeding a pre-set top speed2 and enables you to maintain a minimum distance to the vehicle in front. In conjunction with an optional navigation system, ACC also offers predictive speed control and curve assistance. The system helps you to avoid overspeeding by integrating official speed limits1. Based on route data from the navigation system, the system also adjusts the speed of the car to curves, intersections and roundabouts1.
1 Within the limits of the system
2 Up to a maximum speed of 210 km/h
New Volkswagen

Luggage compartment with ‘Easy Open’ function

Travel with ease

A classic: You’re in front of the luggage compartment with lots of baggage and don’t have a free hand to open it. With the optional ‘Easy Open’ feature, you can do it with your foot: a small motion beneath the rear of the vehicle – and the luggage compartment opens. It’s just as easy to close by pressing the button on the boot lid.
New Volkswagen

Panoramic sunroof

Put the heavens into perspective

Huge dimensions for big impressions: the optional tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof covers almost the entire roof and offers even passengers in the back a glimpse of the sky.  A little extra fresh air? At the touch of a button, the front half of the roof can be put up or slid entirely over the rear half.